Blowout State: The Politics of the Food We Eat

Campaign and lobbying to influence governmental food policies such as production, distribution and consumption became rampant at the turn of the twentieth century. Major political players affiliated to huge food associations started influencing the ideal diet of an average person by manipulating food policies. They kept their profits high with little or no regard for … Continue reading Blowout State: The Politics of the Food We Eat

Perfect Pace

My lethargy starts off transparent, hidden and invisible, but with every poke, every persistent peek it begins to possess a prominence that is impossible to ignore. Over time it portrays  its true colors staining my personality with a stubborn permanence. With every push it only pulls me in deeper until it peaks, prevails, it triumphs … Continue reading Perfect Pace

Is There Room For A Flood?

Seeing 02:23 in your 24 hour system daily, pinches in strange places, upsets ‘real’-time. Keep Notes can not process what you tell it now, not because it is foolish but because, it is always late. ~ Lying here today I wonder how honest I really am I wonder how candid is too candid I wonder … Continue reading Is There Room For A Flood?

The Muddle of Machine Ethics

“There are no objective values.” (J.L Mackie, 1977) Humanity has no moral canon which a common set of ethics can stem from. There is conflict all around us. Most conflicts, if not all, arise out of differences in opinions, which in turn occur because people have their own set of unique morals. The issue of … Continue reading The Muddle of Machine Ethics

The Asian Dream: Part I

At the time of writing this article, over 1,600,000 people had been infected with the coronavirus (COVID-19) and the numbers are still piling. By the time you read the last word of this article, the numbers would have surged past 2 million or even hit 3 million. COVID-19 has taken the whole world by storm. It has become a major worldwide threat and has even been compared to the outbreak of influenza in 1957 by many scientists and doctors.

Investigating A New Reality

Looking through a list of ‘50 Best Movies to Watch on Netflix’, one gets quite tired of reading descriptions and synopses. The characters and plots begin to float off the screen as the mind is overwhelmed first by a sea of information and then the too white brightness. Yet, somehow every time you scroll past … Continue reading Investigating A New Reality

Democracy’s Last Stand

Disclaimer: This is a private blog. Any views or opinions represented in this blog are personal and belong solely to the author. All readers are encouraged to critically analyse the opinions, arguments and facts put forward in the article in order to form an independent opinion. We live in a world where over 2.65 billon … Continue reading Democracy’s Last Stand

The Kashmir Princess

11th April, 1955. The Air India Constellation passenger airliner travelled at high speed through the clouds. One of the delegates of People’s Republic of China (PRC) checked his watch. 9.20 UTC. The passenger airliner, popularly known as the “Kashmir Princess” was carrying the whole of the PRC delegation, journalists and the aircraft crew over to … Continue reading The Kashmir Princess

Smudged Ink

Image Credit: The story beginswith a cold draftinterwoven, in the soft whispers of a handthat stutters out its first words. As the blue fingerstighten their grip,utterances solidify. They harden and sharpenas the prose is chiseledto an effigy of thought. Words rise from the depthswhere glistening thought bubblesfallen between cracks ambled, aloofuntil the pinpricks of … Continue reading Smudged Ink

The Dawn of the Cosmos

We live in an exciting era of growing intricacy and complexity where we can observe structures more complex than have ever been in existence – we live in “The Dawn of the Cosmos”

Age of Revolution

Indian society in the early colonial era In the early 19th century, Europe was going through the ‘enlightenment’, its greatest philosophical an intellectual movement, while in India; there was a period of stagnation. Indian society, as a whole remained detached from and indifferent to the political developments. It was an age of intolerant institutions and … Continue reading Age of Revolution

Bubble Wrap

It’s a ravenous hunger,an all-consuming clawin the tight trapI writhe and groana hunted animal,a prey captured, ensnaredwithout a chase, without a chance,I had NO CHOICE.My voice sat on,by the magic of 99now 9999999999,is small and whispers travelbut ears are shut. Agony roars and misery engulfsbut moneyis found in the bubblewhere vibrant reflectionscatch eyesand civilization floatson thin … Continue reading Bubble Wrap

Ghost Cities

The demons tower talltheir minions they drive the streets.The food is poisonousthe words senselessminds uselessuse less, no? Craving, greedy, hungrysouls they wander ruthless, fruitless. The air impossible to breathehappiness impossible to feelit’s a terrible ordealwill we ever,ever really heal? © Utsa Seth, 2019

Tagore and Indian Nationalism

Introduction Rabindranath Tagore was born in Calcutta, West Bengal on the seventh of May in the year 1861. Unlike most of the nineteenth and early twentieth century Bengalis, Rabindranath’s family had quite benefited from the imperialistic British East India Company and had obtained a considerably large business interest and property. Rabindranath Tagore’s grandfather, Dwarkanath Tagore … Continue reading Tagore and Indian Nationalism

Apocalypse Explained

‘Apocalypse’ is a term originally meaning a revelation or disclosure of knowledge. However, it is now widely used to refer to the belief that the ‘end of the world as we know it’ is imminent, usually accompanied by the idea that civilization will come to an explosive and turbulent end due to some catastrophic event. … Continue reading Apocalypse Explained

‘A transparent and an objective journalist media’

In 2016 the citizens of the United States of America witnessed the rapid downfall of Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign and the rise of Donald Trump as their new ‘Mr. President’, succeeding Democrat Barrack Obama. During that time a number of political scientists claimed that ‘the United States of America’s presidential elections were Russia-influenced’ and that … Continue reading ‘A transparent and an objective journalist media’

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