Bubble Wrap

It’s a ravenous hunger,an all-consuming clawin the tight trapI writhe and groana hunted animal,a prey captured, ensnaredwithout a chase, without a chance,I had NO CHOICE.My voice sat on,by the magic of 99now 9999999999,is small and whispers travelbut ears are shut. Agony roars and misery engulfsbut moneyis found in the bubblewhere vibrant reflectionscatch eyesand civilization floatson thin … Continue reading Bubble Wrap

Ghost Cities

The demons tower talltheir minions they drive the streets.The food is poisonousthe words senselessminds uselessuse less, no? Craving, greedy, hungrysouls they wander ruthless, fruitless. The air impossible to breathehappiness impossible to feelit’s a terrible ordealwill we ever,ever really heal? © Utsa Seth, 2019

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