Blowout State: The Politics of the Food We Eat

Campaign and lobbying to influence governmental food policies such as production, distribution and consumption became rampant at the turn of the twentieth century. Major political players affiliated to huge food associations started influencing the ideal diet of an average person by manipulating food policies. They kept their profits high with little or no regard for … Continue reading Blowout State: The Politics of the Food We Eat

The Asian Dream: Part I

At the time of writing this article, over 1,600,000 people had been infected with the coronavirus (COVID-19) and the numbers are still piling. By the time you read the last word of this article, the numbers would have surged past 2 million or even hit 3 million. COVID-19 has taken the whole world by storm. It has become a major worldwide threat and has even been compared to the outbreak of influenza in 1957 by many scientists and doctors.

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