Who Are We?

About Exhibit Five

Exhibit Five is a home-grown blog carefully brought to you by a group of five enthusiastic eleventh graders. It was started almost as a hobby, but now has become a part time project. We at Exhibit Five hope to engage our readers with content that is relevant and thought-provoking. The underlying theme of our blog is the ‘future’ and the  world’s interactions with it. This places us at a vantage point where the selection of subjects for each of our posts is diverse enough to make it enriching and interesting. We hope to learn from our blog in all ways possible; researching, writing, tinkering, and interacting with the readers. Please follow us for regular content updates!

About Anurag Inamdar

A Mumbaikar, Anurag has recently made the switch from Rishi Valley to a day school. At first, he might seem like only a shy introvert politely laughing at everyone’s jokes, but once you get to know him, it’s a whole different world. Devoted to legal dramas like ‘The Good Wife’, Anurag finds solace in wracking his brains about a good problem or puzzle. His many interests include politics and cryptography. He has intrigued one too many people with his decision to take the odd subject combination of Math, Economics and Physics for his eleventh and twelfth grade. He is excited about his full-time move to the city and aspires to join the legal profession.

About Ayaan Dutt

A resident of Noida, (and previously seven other schools), Ayaan is a serial geometry problem solver. He has learned a lot from his experience of switching through seven schools across the country. Ayaan is perpetually cracking lame jokes and laughing at them himself. For Ayaan, the arts and crafts section in our school, Rishi Valley, is the place to be. A hands-on person by nature, he loves creating things. He also seeks pleasure in listening to bands no one has ever heard of, and unfortunately, for the rest of us, singing along to them too. Ayaan takes pride in knowing random trivia like the average height of a door, unfailingly, and unwantedly keeping us informed and up to date. He loves to read and write about everything interesting.

About Bharati Challa

Bharati is a loyal local of Hyderabad and swears by the city’s food. When not binge watching tiny house YouTube videos, you can catch her doing yoga or jamming to some music. She is a self-proclaimed meme-lord and aspires to be funny one day. Bharati likes reading about almost everything, from ingenious heists to behavioural economics. Save yourself and be sure to not be around when she’s wildly ranting about “brooooo how cool” her latest interest is (she’ll move on to something else in a week). Her aspirations in terms of career are as fickle as her hobby choices, but for now,  Bharati is looking to pursue data science in college. If you ever walk in on a typical morning in Rishi Valley, you will be sure to catch Utsa and Bharati poring over that day’s cryptic crossword along with the principal!

About Shrey Davuluri

Shrey claims to be better than those mentioned above and the only one whose bio is worth reading. His greatest interest is the captivating world of sports. He loves watching live sports and likes to indulge in numerous sports himself as well. He has watched sports long enough to establish his favourites who he, not wrongly, considers to be the best. Shrey not only cherishes the fact that he is an atheist, but will also insist on conveying this to whoever he meets. He enjoys playing poker and his aim in life is to be rich, although the former is not the means for achieving the latter. Shrey plans to major in business management in college, the keyword being ‘plans.’ His dream is to buy a sports team and seems to think that this answers the much-asked question, ‘How rich is rich enough?’

About Utsa Seth

Utsa is a resident of the cat universe and splits her time between the valley, Delhi, and Goa. She wants to live in a world where books come bundled up with extra dark chocolate and one sees blue skies forevermore. A voracious people-person, Utsa is ready to sit down and listen to anyone, if it means learning something new, and it almost always does. Her interests include poetry and cryptic crosswords. A subscriber to the big four subject combination: math, biology, physics and chemistry, she hopes to have ‘fun’ tackling this perhaps hasty decision. She can only hope that having her feet in too many boats will eventually help her figure things. Till then, she plans to enjoy everything.


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